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I am a Doctoral Candidate of Philosophy at the University of Utah. My current research focuses on the philosophy of religion (along with related metaphysical and epistemological issues), particularly during the Early Modern period. Other areas of interest include 19th-century German philosophy, existentialism, Hellenistic philosophy, and Christian thought during the Middle Ages.

My interest in philosophy began when I signed up for a philosophy class during my senior year of high school, hoping to simply earn an easy 'A'. My teacher had us purchase T. Z. Lavine’s From Socrates to Sartre, which immediately secured my interest in what Lavine calls the “philosophic quest.” My love for the history of philosophy, and the history of ideas in general, began there and is what guides me still.

When I'm not toiling away in the ivory tower, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and our dog, procrastinating with my fellow grad students, and perusing used bookstores.