My dissertation largely focuses on reinterpreting Locke's religious epistemology, specifically his account of miracles and divine revelation. In so doing, my work also makes interesting connections to the accounts of Hume and Mary Shepherd as a greater story of the how the miracle debate developed through the 17th to the 19th century. I'm also interested in other eaerly modern thinkers such as Spinoza and Pascal, especially in relation to their treatment of issues in philosophy of religion and theology.


"Locke on the Objective Nature of Miracles," The Southern Journal of Philosophy (2023) [Link]


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“When Police Act to Contain or Dissolve a Protest, Do They Serve the Public/Common Good or Do They Maintain the Status Quo?"

“Is it Morally Justifiable to Use Violence Against Hate Groups?”

“Is Violence a Justifiable Method of Protest in a Democracy?"

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“Can capitalism address the challenges of climate change?”